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ASEE-SE Conference 2019

Welcome to the ASEE Southeastern Section Paper Submission & Review website for the 2019 ASEE-SE Annual Meeting.

NOTICE: If you are not receiving confirmation and notice emails from this paper review system, you need to add to your email system's white/safe list. Contact your local IT department if you need assistance.


Attention Authors! You can submit your paper manuscript by clicking the Upload Paper Manuscript link below. You may modify your submissions using the other links provided below. 

NOTICE: The ASEE-SE Section has adopted a new commitment to double-blind peer reviews where both the reviewers and author identities are concealed during the review process. In order to ensure a double-blind peer review process, authors will need to submit a Blinded Manuscript as their initial PDF for review. With 2018-2019 being the first year of double-blind peer review implementation, authors are requested to participate, rather than making it an absolute requirement.

In the Blinded Manuscript submitted for the initial review, authors will need to have removed ALL the text that identifies themselves and their institution name in the manuscript they provide as the line-numbered PDF version that reviewers will read. Detailed instructions and an example of how to accomplish this process are available at



Review and Program Committees:



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