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ASEE-SE Annual Conference 2022

Full Program

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Monday, 14 March 2022
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Session Chair: Gregory MazzuroHomemade-Antenna Project For An Undergraduate Wave-Propagation CourseGregory Mazzaro, The Citadel, The Military College of South CarolinaStudent Perceptions of Technical and Soft Skills Development In An Introductory Automotive Engineering Technology CourseJames Kribs, North Carolina A&T State UniversitySynthesis Vs. Simulation: Developing A Hardware Interrupt System For The Instructional ProcessorRonald Hayne, The CitadelTeaching Pid Controller Design Using MatlabRobert Barsanti, The CitadelImpact of Covid-19 Pandemic On Engineering Education: Evaluation of Limitations and Recommendations For Effective TeachingUmar Iqbal, Mississippi State University; Areejah Umar, Mississippi State University; Javier Gerardo Gómez , Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College; Muneebah Umar, Mississippi State University Session Chair: Felix EwereAdapting Entrepreneurial Mindset Projects For Large ClassesBrett Austin McCandless, NC State University; Anna Howard, NC State UniversityEffects of Behavioral Peer Evaluations On "Free Riders" In Engineering Group ProjectsFrancesca Lopez, University of Florida; Cristian Dionisi, University of Florida; Matthew Traum, University of Florida; Sean Niemi, University of FloridaIncreasing Student Confidence In Conducting Independent Experiments Using Arduino TechnologyChuck Margraves, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Gary McDonald, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Cecelia Wigal, University of Tennessee at ChattanoogaGasification Based Waste Tire Integrated Energy Conversion SystemsKarah Powell, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Yunye Shi, University of Tennessee at ChattanoogaProject-Based Teaching: Wave To Water TechnologyGabriel Glosson, East Carolina University; Jason McMorris, East Carolina University; Faete Filho, East Carolina University; Tarek Abdel-Salam, East Carolina University; Kurabachew Duba, East Carolina University Session Chair: Tanjina AfrinOnline Synchronous Delivery of Environmental Engineering During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study On AssessmentM. A. Karim, Kennesaw State UniversityAn Integrated Exercise To Teach Earned Value ManagementDavid Greenburg, The Citadel School of Engineering; Dimitra Michalaka, The Citadel School of Engineering; Michael Shick, The Citadel School of EngineeringUndergraduate Student Experience In A Multidisciplinary Architecture-Civil Engineering Research ProjectGrace Crocker, Clemson University; Katie Bender, Clemson University; Riley Blasiak, University at Buffalo; James Lang, University at Buffalo; Seth Moore, Clemson University; Olivia Wright, Clemson University; Sida Dai, Clemson University; Mohammad Syed, University at Buffalo; Negar Elhami-Khorasani, University at Buffalo; Michael Kleiss, Clemson University; Pinar Okumus, Clemson University; Brandon Ross, Clemson UniversityGateway Course Performance As Predictors of Success In Engineering EducationAndrei Ramniceanu, Virginia Military Institute; Charles Newhouse, Virginia Military Institute; Kacie D'Alessandro, Virginia Military Institute; Matthew Swenty, Virginia Military Institute Session Chair: Brian AufderheideFrom Online and Hybrid Instructional Modes To Residential Classes: Lessons Learned and Activities To RetainChristian Cuba-Torres, Georgia Institute of TechnologyCapstone Project – Design of A Novel Flow Chamber To Study The Effects of Vascular Stiffness On Migration of Blood-Borne CellsBlake Chester, Mercer University; Madison Judd, Mercer University; Patrick Kho, Mercer University; Arsha Moorthy, Mercer University; Connor Reed, Mercer University; Madeline Smith, Mercer University; Chamaree de Silva, Mercer University; Alireza Sarvestani, Mercer UniversityToward Economical 3d Bioprinters For High School Science LaboratoriesRoseanna Bisram, West Port High School; Leah Bender, West Port High School; Sean Niemi, University of Florida; Thomas Angelini, University of Florida; Matthew Traum, University of FloridaThe Interface Between Control Domains: A Powerful Pok To Learn Transport PhenomenaJ. Robby Sanders, Tennnessee Technological University; Pedro E. Arce, Tennnessee Technological University; Andrea Arce-Trigatti, Tallahasee Community College
Bastin 104Bastin 105Bastin 202Bastin 203
Session Chair: Chuck MargravesSolar Robot Olympiad Stem Educational Outreach WorkshopRyan Integlia, The Citadel; Kyle Smith, The CitadelChallenging The Impact of Pandemic On Engineering Laboratory Courses - Solution, Evaluation and LessonRuiyun Fu, Mercer UniversityAssessment of Instructional Modalities For An Electromagnetics CourseChiu Choi, University of North FloridaTips, Tools, and Techniques To Transform Your Traditional In-Person Course To An Online CourseJavier Gerardo Gómez, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College; Umar Iqbal, Mississippi State University; Areejah Umar, Mississippi State University; Muneebah Umar, Mississippi State UniversitySnowmelt Simulations In An Augmented Reality Sandbox: A Hands-On Learning ExperienceTyler Ainsworth, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Elizabeth Smith, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Session Chair: Matthew TraumStudent Projects To Improve Student Proficiency With Three-Dimensional VectorsNIkhil Patil, NC State University; Anna Howard, NC State UniversityIndependent Study On Creating Conductive 3 D Printed Polymers and Improving Their StrengthDorina Mihut, Mercer University; Arash Afshar, Mercer University; Barret McDonald, Mercer University; Ryan McMillan, Mercer UniversityA New Special Topics Course In Mechanical Engineering: Invention Case StudiesAaron Smith, n/aAuditory Assistant – Perspectives On A Robotic Senior Design ProjectMichael Brunet; Dietrich Heinz; Robert Rabb; Alyson EgglestonA Look At The Performance In Vibration Course During Covid-19 PandemicChau Tran, NCSU MAE Session Chair: M. A. KarimDeveloping An Agile Project Management Course For Graduate StudentsDavid Greenburg, The Citadel School of Engineering; Susan Huntington, The Citadel School of Engineering; Dimitra Michalaka, The Citadel School of EngineeringExisting Physical Structures Help Civil Engineering Students Understand Structural AnalysisNatalia Cardelino, Mercer UniversityOn-Line Fe Exam Review Course Results In Effective Instructional ModelDan Nale, PhD, PE, The Citadel; W. Jeff Davis, PhD, PE, The Citadel; Simon Ghanat, PhD, PE, The Citadel; Ryan Giles, PhD, PE, The Citadel; John Ryan, PhD, PE, The Citadel; Michael Grossman, PE, PPE Headquarters; Timothy Wood, PhD, PE, The CitadelLongitudinal Study In Construction Affection Through Role Playing GameRebekah D. Burke, The Citadel; Timothy Wood; Mostafa BatouliExamining The Impact of Frequent Quizzes On Mastery of Foundation Design ConceptsSimon Ghanat, The Citadel Session Chair: Dimitra MichalakaThe Impact On Learning Outcomes Using Three-Attempt Tests In An Engineering Undergraduate Core Course: DynamicsMarino Nader, University of Central Florida; Ronald F. DeMara, University of Central FloridaUsing Web-Based Textbook To Improve Students’ Understanding of Materials ScienceMonika Bubacz, The Citadel; Deirdre Ragan, The CitadelStudents’ Preferred Technology In An Ordinary Differential Equations CourseCatherine Matos, Clayton State University; Kelli Nipper, Clayton State University; Hannah Rigdon, Clayton State UniversityA Matlab Assignment Framework For Engineering Education That Automates GradingScott Rowe, Western Carolina University; Charles Nuttelman, University of Colorado BoulderPredictive Capacity of Learning Management System Student Access Data Regarding Course PerformanceStephanie Laughton, The Citadel; Simon Ghanat, The Citadel
Bastin 104Bastin 105Bastin 202Bastin 203
Session Chair: Ryan IntegliaSdg-Focused Project-Based Learning In Engineering Design Courses Through Diversity and Inclusion InterventionsRAGHU PUCHA, Georgia Tech; TERRI DUNBAR, Georgia TechExpansion of The Augmented Reality Sandbox To Include Additional Water Sources For Guided Educational ExperiencesElizabeth Smith, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Tyler Ainsworth, University of North Carolina at CharlotteBridging The Sustainable Digital Divide In Artificial Intelligence Enabled Robotics EducationRutledge Detyens, The Citadel; Andrew Gunn, Clemson University; Justin Geisler, University of Alabama; Ryan Integlia, The CitadelFormation of The Citadel Aerospace and Rocketry Student OrganizationPooya Niksiar, The Citadel; Ryan Integlia, The Citadel Session Chair: Aaron SmithDeconstructed Temperature Measurement LabNatasha Smith, University of VirginiaBenefits of Video Tutorials For A Computer Aided Design ClassGerald Prendergast, University of South Carolina AikenEngaging Students With Course Project Development: An Active Learning Element For A System Dynamics CourseJason Yao, East Carolina UniversityCase Study of Student Grade Distribution Shifts In Online Engineering Fundamental Courses.Gang Liu, Gang LiuMechanical Engineering – Biology Collaborative Independent Study For Students For Research On Controlling The Biofilm FormationDorina Mihut, Mercer University; Sahar Hasim, Mercer University; Lauryn McGahee, Mercer University; Benjamin Parisi, Mercer University; Jheel Kirithbai Patel, Mercer University; Victoria Gomez, Mercer University Session Chair: Natalia CardelinoThe Effects of Stereotypes On Engineering Identities Among Latinx Undergraduate Engineering StudentsJannell Clampitt, Auburn University; Michael Perez, Auburn University; Cristina Poleacovschi, Iowa State UniversityHighlighting Cultures, Civilizations, and Diversity In Historical Civil Engineering AchievementsTanjina Afrin, Virginia Military Institute; Rebekah Martin, Virginia Military Institute; Rodney Wilkins, Virginia Military Institute; Matthew Swenty, Virginia Military Institute; Thomas Timmes, Virginia Military InstituteThe Evolution of The Breath and Depth In Civil Engineering Laboratory ClassesCharles Newhouse, Virginia Military Institute; Matthew Swenty, Virginia Military InstituteDo The Prerecorded Lecture Videos Help Students’ Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic? A Case StudyM. A. Karim, Kennesaw State University Session Chair: Deirdre Ragan“Science and Technology In Popular Culture”: The Influence of Politics, Entertainment, and Societal Norms On Engineering EducationBryn Seabrook, University of VirginiaDesigning Lessons In Professional and Ethical Responsibility To Increase Student Engagement In A First-Year CourseDavid Feinauer, Virginia Military InstituteStudent-Instructor Academic Relationships: Effects of Background and CultureGAFAR ELAMIN, The Citadel; Monika Bubacz, The Citadel; Adam DeVoria, The Citadel; Robert Rabb, The citadel; Deirdre Ragan, The Citadel; Pooya Niksiar, The CitadelStudy of Prior Exposure To Environmental Hazards ConceptsSimon Ghanat, The Citadel; Stephanie Laughton, The CitadelPeople-Centric Systems Reliability Teaching Methodology At The University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleRapinder Sawhney, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Fabiano Carvalho de Castro Sene, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Ninad Pradhan, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Tuesday, 15 March 2022
Instr.Admin/K-12Prof. Skills
Bastin 104Bastin 105Bastin 202
Session Chair: Nahid VesaliLasting Impact of Pandemic On Online Vs. Offline ResourcesKenneth Marek, Mercer UniversityStudent Self-Reflection In Scaffolded Undergraduate Thermodynamics CourseNancy Moore, NC State UniversityStudents’ Perceptions About Online LearningDevang Mehta, North Carolina A&T State University; Hiral Shah, St Cloud State UniversityShaping Good Old-Fashioned Students: A Homework Management StrategyTimothy Wood, The Citadel; Dan Nale, The Citadel; Kweku Brown, The CitadelToward The Un’s Sustainable Development Goals (sdgs): Conservation Technology For Design Teaching & LearningAndrew Schulz, Georgia Institute of Technology; Benjamin Seleb, Georgia Institute of Technology; Cassie Shriver, Georgia Institute of Technology; David Hu, Georgia Institute of Technology; Roxanne Moore, Georgia Institute of Technology Session Chair: Kweku BrownHurricane- & Pandemic-Resilient Instructional Engineering Labs Enabled Via Portable KitsDevangi Gaikwad, University of Florida; Sean Niemi, University of Florida; Matthew Traum, Engineer Inc.Ai Through Computational Cameras For K6-K8 Teachers and Students: Preliminary Results From A Virtual WorkshopJohn Mativo; Cerenity Collins; Dawn Robinson; Ramana Pidaparti; Kimberlee Swisher; Suren Jayasuriya; Megan O'Donnell; Wendy Barnard; Terri KurzDevelopment of A Method To Predict How Successful A Student Will Be In An Engineering ProgramStephen Hill, Mercer University; Matt Marone, Mercer UniversityBuilding A 100% Online Aerospace Engineering Virtual Summer Camp For High School StudentsMichael Hughes, North Carolina State University; Felix Ewere, North Carolina State University Session Chair: Ronald HayneAn Engineering Ethics and Safety Course Integrated With Quality ManagementBrian Aufderheide, Hampton University; Otsebele Nare, Hampton UniversityOpportunities and Challenges For Student-Faculty Collaborative Research In Small Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions: A Case StudyNegin Shamsi, The Citadel; Maria Contreras, The Citadel; Mostafa Batouli, The CitadelCourse Development For Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Wearable Devices In HealthcareRyan Integlia, The Citadel; Jordon Gilmore, Clemson University; Prosenjit Chatterjee, The CitadelAddressing Diversity In A Problem Based Learning Team AssignmentClaire McCullough, High Point University
Bastin 104Bastin 105
Session Chair: Nancy MooreShaping Good Old-Fashioned Students: A Work In ProgressTimothy Wood, The CitadelConsistency In Instruction and Assessment of Undergraduate Engineering LaboratoriesBradley Adams, Mississippi State University; Morgan Green, Mississippi State University; Alta Knizley, Mississippi State UniversityDeveloping New Instructor Training and Mentorship To Enhance Mechanical Engineering ProgramAlta Knizley, Mississippi State University; Morgan Green, Mississippi State University; Heejin Cho, Mississippi State UniversityThe Course Syllabus As A Powerful Agreement of Cooperation For LearningPedro Arce, Tennnessee Technological University; Andrea Arce-Trigatti, Tallahasse Community CollegeTeaching Statistics For Engineering & Master’s In Engineering Management ProgramsMazen Hussein, Tennessee Tech University Session Chair: Scott SchultzThe State of High School Engineering Education; A North and South PerspectiveTom Spendlove, Western Carolina UniversityHow Effective Is The Use of A Discord Server For An Engineering Learning Center?Priya Goeser, Georgia Southern UniversittyObtaining A Combined Bse and Mse In 4.5 To 5 Years, What Are Implications of This Path For Students and Employers?Hodge Jenkins, Mercer University; Scott Schultz, Mercer University; Sinjae Hyun, Mercer UniversityAssessing Effectiveness of K12 Outreach Programs In Attracting Underrepresented Students To Engineering Programs: State of The PracticeNahid Vesali, The Citadel; Michael Shick, The Citadel; David Greenburg, The Citadel; Gianna R. Canulli, The Citadel


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