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ASEE-SE Conference 2021

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Improving Engagement and Advancing Production Quality of Your Videoteleconference

Upon completion of the session, participants should be empowered to use Open Broadcaster Studio (free software) and fundamental principles of audio/video to improve the production quality of their video teleconference presence. Brief Description of Topics and activity: -Open with Demo from each Co-Host to showcase capabilities, (and describe who should/should not consider using the technology because of the extra complexity). Capabilities to highlight (5 minutes): - adding talent in front of any content you want (e.g. power point presentation, or document camera) in a livestream - using multiple cameras in livestream, (document camera, tablet, phone camera, webcam, etc) -switching between predefined scenes -text and graphic overlays, -other? - Overview of key OBS features and demo/workshop of OBS setup from scratch (40 minutes with interactive Q&A depending on # participants) Your first livestream in OBS: -Importing a video camera -Using Screen Share on Zoom to capture OBS More fundamentals: -Importing an image/text -importing a screen capture Putting all together to add talent in front of content: (like the weatherman in front of an interactive map): -adding a chromakey filter to a camera creating multiple scenes creating a virtual camera in OBS to use in most any videoteleconference -Conclusion and Recommendations for: (5 minutes) -Audio -Lighting Required technology: This workshop is designed for users that have a basic comfort level with Zoom and/or other videoteleconference/video streaming apps. To get the maximum benefit, participants should download and install the latest version of Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) ,, to a MAC or PC prior to the workshop. Another level of benefit can be achieved if participants are video streaming in front of any wall/sheet/board of (nearly) solid color (AKA “green screen”) in the background.

Not Available : March 8, Request to host on March 9

Todd Schweisinger

Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte


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