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ASEE-SE Conference 2021

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Active Learning In Asynchronous Online Engineering Classrooms

Session Goals: (1) Build a list of strategies that educators can use to engage engineering students in online asynchronous classrooms (2) Discuss techniques to evaluate the various strategies

Brief description: The Roundtable will focus on pros and cons of using various active learning strategies within online asynchronous classrooms. The hosts will briefly summarize the discussion from the Roundtable focused on synchronous online classrooms. Then, the hosts will describe their experiences in asynchronous online classrooms and then open the discussion to the group. During the group discussion, the hosts will use participant comments to create a list of strategies discussed along with any positive or negative context information. The hosts will prompt participant discussion with the following questions: 1) How have you engaged students in your online asynchronous classrooms? 2) Have you approached student engagement in synchronous and asynchronous course offerings differently? 3) If you could provide one critical piece of advice to a faculty member teaching an online asynchronous class for the first time, what would that be? After 30-40 minutes of discussion, the hosts will transition the roundtable to a discussion of techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of various engagement strategies (e.g., through surveys or participation data). At the conclusion of the Roundtable, the hosts will distribute the list of strategies that can be used to engage students in online asynchronous engineering classrooms. They will also provide access to a survey that they use to evaluate active learning strategies in their own online engineering classrooms.

Timeline: Host overview of Roundtable focused on synchronous online learning (5-10 minutes); Host discussion of their experiences with active learning in online asynchronous classrooms (5 minutes); Group discussion of various strategies to engage students in online engineering classrooms (30-40 minutes); Group discussion of evaluation techniques (10-15 minutes)

Jean Mohammadi-Aragh
Mississippi State University
United States

John Ball
Mississippi State University
United States


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