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ASEE-SE Conference 2021

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Rapid Change of Instructional Modes In A Studio-Based Learning Environment: A Response To Covid-19

At the UXX, we have heavily invested in studio instructional techniques for our introductory course work in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This method of course delivery relies heavily on direct interaction between lecture and laboratory learning methodologies, and team-based activities throughout. In addition, these courses include a final project that involves printed circuit manufacture. The events of Spring 2020 led to a sudden cessation of on-grounds classes and an immediate switchover to a complete online learning scenario; this completely upended the studio scenario. In this paper, we demonstrate how we adapted the studio classroom to the new environment. This scenario involved a switch to student-owned test equipment, rewriting experiments, and rethinking project completion goals. Our experiences in this emergency have led us to reconsider some aspects of studio teaching that are becoming a part of our standard content delivery, as we approach a partial ramp-up of in-person classes.

Harry Powell
University of Virginia
United States


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