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ASEE-SE Conference 2021

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Mythologies of The Night Sky: An Experiential Learning Exploration of The Cosmos

This paper reports on a unique pilot course in the Honors Department at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, UHON 3520: Mythology of the Night Sky which explores the ancient Greekā€™s scientific and philosophical models of the cosmos. The course is cross listed as a lecture course and a laboratory course and is offered in a Blended/Hybrid modality with Face-to-Face classroom instruction and remote learning. The lecture seminar explores focused topics through close, critical engagement with literary texts. Students will acquire skills in the analysis and interpretation of texts and deepen their knowledge of the ways in which figurative language contributes to human thought and expression. The laboratory seminar focuses on topics in scientific understanding of ancient astronomy methods. By participating in the systematic ways in which human beings analyze the physical universe, students will develop their abilities to gather and analyze data, form and test hypotheses, and understand the role of the natural sciences in human development. The paper discuss several novel pedagogical aspects of the course. In addition, we discuss modifications to make the content applicable to K-12 students.

Louie Elliott
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
United States

Justin Colvin
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
United States


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