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ASEE-SE Annual Conference 2022

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A Look At The Performance In Vibration Course During Covid-19 Pandemic

This paper compares the performance in Vibration course taught during and prior to COVID-19 pandemic. Traditionally, this class is taught in-person. During the pandemic lockdown, this class was taught virtually. Two in-class tests for summer and spring 2021 classes during the pandemic, and for three summer and three spring classes prior to the pandemic were investigated. Test one results showed that during the pandemic, the percentage of failure was significantly high while the percentage of excellence was almost non-existent. Some improvement was made on test two, however, only between failure and mediocrity. Excellent performance was still rare. Conversely, test one results in the traditional classes showed that the percentage of failure was much lower while the percentage of excellence was at the expected level near 20%. The improvement on test two in traditional classes was between mediocrity and excellence.

Chau Tran
United States


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