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ASEE-SE Annual Conference 2022

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The Effects of Stereotypes On Engineering Identities Among Latinx Undergraduate Engineering Students

Latinx undergraduate engineering students often experience stereotypes during their degree programs that can affect their engineering identity. Engineering identity is a student’s sense of belonging within the engineering community. Engineering identity plays a significant role in a student’s educational and professional persistence in engineering programs. More recently, engineering identity has become an important research topic conducted primarily using qualitative analysis methods throughout the STEM academic communities. Most of the research conducted focuses on measurement methods, engineering identity development, and women’s experiences in engineering; however, there is little research on engineering identities among minority ethnic groups. This research provides an analysis of the effects of stereotypes on engineering identities among Latinx undergraduate engineering students. An online survey was developed and deployed across one Hispanic Serving Institution and two Predominately White Institutions. A total of 165 students completed the survey across the three universities. The survey asked students to rank their opinions for each question utilizing the Likert Scale. The questions were broken down into nine categories. The categories covered a total of fifty-one questions. Each category contained four to nine questions with at least one reversed scored question. Statistical data analysis is ongoing, with results to be presented at the March 2022 ASEE Southeastern Section Conference. The results from this research will contribute to the limited knowledge on Latinx students in engineering. Along with the stereotype threats and engineering identities that Latinx engineering students experience. Engineering program leaders and instructors should use this information to construct better practices for the inclusion of Latinx students in engineering.

Jannell Clampitt
Auburn University
United States

Michael Perez
Auburn University
United States

Cristina Poleacovschi
Iowa State University
United States


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