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ASEE-SE Conference 2021

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Analysis of Student Success and Retention In A Well Engaged Large Scale Flipped Engineering Classroom

For many years, universities organized the learning environment around face-to-face classrooms. However, a new generation of students relies on the internet and all of its affordances as a mainstay for their education. A caveat though is that although the World Wide Web can be an effective aid to student learning, it can also be time-consuming, leading to inefficiency and, at times, misinformation. This reinforces a need for more modern teaching styles that accommodate students’ learning preference and engage them in an incremental approach that resonates with their intelligence, capability and availability. For this study, researchers investigated a flipped classroom approach. The course, Engineering Analysis – Dynamics EGN 3321, at the University of Central Florida—is a large-scale format with 450 students; augmented by adaptive learning with outcomes indexed by 90% success, retention and eventual graduation.

Marino Nader
University of Central Florida
United States

Charles Dziuban
University of Central Florida
United States


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