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ASEE-SE Conference 2021

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A Resource-Supported Introduction To Matlab Exercise For The Circuit Analysis Lab

A single-period lab exercise was developed to introduce Circuit Analysis students to MATLAB while equipping them with the resources, knowledge, and experience they would need to complete subsequent exercises. Two supporting resources were also developed. An Introduction to the MATLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) document was used to cover topics such as: creating, saving, opening, and running script files; clearing panes such as the Command Window or the Workspace; undocking and docking IDE panels; and displaying Help. A single-page MATLAB Reference document was created to summarize operators, functions, plot formatting options, matrix definition, row vector definition, and row vector indexing. The exercise itself was written to encourage the use of these resources as it guides students to: utilize the Command Window to solve basic expressions, create a script file to solve simultaneous complex equations, and prepare a well labeled dual-trace plot to compare measured data to function-determined theoretical values.

Brent Jenkins
Kennesaw State University
United States


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