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ASEE-SE Conference 2021

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Pandemic Teaching: Statics Student Experiences

While the Covid-19 pandemic caused sudden and unexpected changes in university teaching settings in the spring 2020 term, colleges and universities have since had time to adjust their approaches to teaching in a time of pandemic, both at the administrative and the instruction level. In the statics course which is the subject of this paper, university policy dictated that classes would be taught in-person, and that live lectures would also be recorded and made available to students who were required to quarantine. This paper discusses how the course was implemented, and also presents feedback from students both as stated directly to the instructor, and as determined by student surveys. In particular, student perceptions and preferences regarding pre-recorded, live, and live-recorded lectures are presented. Live lectures are strongly preferred on average, but not necessarily for reasons related to pandemic classroom changes.

Kenneth Marek
Mercer University
United States


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