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ASEE-SE Annual Conference 2022

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A Matlab Assignment Framework For Engineering Education That Automates Grading

Herein a MATLAB framework is detailed that uses programming to deliver engineering education. This approach departs from traditional engineering curricula that use programming as a supplement to content comprehension, versus the vehicle for content evaluation. Specifically, the new MATLAB framework consists of homework assignments that are entirely student coded, instantly validated, and ultimately computer graded. Notably, “fully programmatic” homework synthesizes both essential engineering concepts and marketable coding skills. The framework’s flexibility has enabled full homework automation in diverse classes that include fluid dynamics, circuits, controls and separations. A quantitative survey of 83 former students compared the new approach to classical written homework. When compared to written homework 98% of alumni thought programmatic homework was more modern, 95% of alumni thought programmatic homework was similarly or more impactful and 93% of alumni viewed programmatic homework as similar or better workplace preparation.

Scott Rowe
Western Carolina University
United States

Charles Nuttelman
University of Colorado Boulder
United States


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