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ASEE-SE Conference 2021

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Senior Design Project: Design and Testing of A Hydraulic Ram Pump

In accordance with recent ABET criteria, students should be able to “design and realize” a design project/problem. The search for design problems that can be designed and built is continuing. Constraints that should be observed in such designs include: safety, manufacturability, cost effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, and more. This paper describes the final design of an apparatus and steps in obtaining it. Included as well are descriptions of components used in the design process and their cost. The project was completed in a two-semester senior design class and meets ABET criteria, making it suitable for a design problem.

Project Description: The Hydraulic Ram Pump is a mechanical device that uses potential energy of water in a pipeline to pump water to a much higher elevation, and do so without electricity. Consider, for example, a village in an elevated region where people live without electricity and without water due to storm (or other) damage. There may be a water source nearby but at a lower elevation. The water source (e.g. a river), can be used by the hydraulic ram pump to bring water up to where the people are living. Without electricity and other sources of power, a ram pump will be able to provide drinking water to where it is needed. This paper describes the design, construction, and testing of a hydraulic ram pump.

Jeffrey Marchetta
University of Memphis
United States

William Janna

United States


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