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ASEE-SE Annual Conference 2022

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Opportunities and Challenges For Student-Faculty Collaborative Research In Small Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions: A Case Study

Student-faculty collaborative research at predominantly undergraduate institutions not only enriches the experience of both professors and students, but also provides unique opportunities for curricular and institutional transformation. This study explores the opportunities for and challenges of conducting research in a small-sized non-PhD granting college. A qualitative methodology is employed, including literature review, purposeful participant interviews, observations, surveys, self-reflection, and data analysis. Primary benefits and prevalent obstacles of conducting research for students, faculty, and the institution were identified. The results indicate that small predominantly undergraduate institutions are well positioned to develop distinguished research programs. However, a combination of student recruitment, faculty development, and administrative challenges hinder developing a more vibrant student-faculty collaborative research in these institutions. The paper is concluded with a list of suggestions for practical policy changes, necessary infrastructure additions, and non-monetary incentives that can boost research and scholarship activities in small colleges.

Negin Shamsi
The Citadel
United States

Maria Contreras
The Citadel
United States

Mostafa Batouli
The Citadel
United States


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